Thursday, June 3, 2010

oil spill florida obama

oil spill florida obama Oil Spill Florida Obama
Oil spill Trades girds for Florida for the answer

Although the emergency services should an oil tight land on the coast of Florida in the coming days, politicians and drew the site plan a little mud as frustration mounts over what became the largest oil spill in U.S. history.

ocean dumping of oil drilling threatens plans

The more oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico could threaten more than the environment. So, it is more difficult to open up more coastal areas to oil drilling.

The Gulf oil slick moved within 16 miles of Mississippi River delta last week by residents from Louisiana to Florida to guard against the possibility of oily beaches, ports closed, and capture fisheries decimated. It's President Obama plan to increase offshore oil drilling a lot yours difficult.

Drilling is "obviously not clean enough after what we have seen today," The Independent Florida Governor Charlie Crist - A former supporter said drilling - the "Miami Herald on Wednesday after flying over the rail. "The is terrible, and it is certainly not safe enough. It is the opposite of security.''
Legislature of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Rhode Iceland have also expressed their concern about offshore drilling after the devastating Gulf.

"The tide has changed as a result of the spill, said Kevin Book, a managing director at research firm ClearView Energy Partners. "It is much more difficult to open new spaces."

Last month, Obama said, the federal government to begin the leasing process certain areas off the coasts Virginia, Florida, Alaska and perhaps the oil companies to drill.

new offshore drilling in most waters of the United States since the early 1980s, was banned during the assembly of public pressure has prompted legislators in action. Spill disastrous oil off the coast of California in 1969 sparked protests in a larger movement of the environment that eventually succeeded forcing has increased by a drilling moratorium. The ban was renewed each year until 2008. But this year, the outcry price of oil has made it politically impossible to reinstate.

"Given our energy needs, we use the need for traditional sources of fuel, "said Obama in the past month. "So today we announce the expansion of oil exploration and gas, but in a way that balances the need for national energy resources and the need to use protection for America natural resources. "But the federal government can not be opened new areas for drilling only. It is the consent of the State in which Oil will eventually push the coasts would be damaged by a spill.

Virginia is the only state to date, which currently do not pierce the federal government gives the green light. Book still expected to award new contracts, perhaps as early 2012th But he predicted that the process which will include a public comment period will be long now much more difficult. Particularly in light of comments this week Rep. Frank Pallone, DN.J.

Pallone said he spoke "firmly opposed" to Obama's plan to expand drilling.
"The Proponents of offshore drilling will have difficulty convincing people along the East Coast they have nothing to fear drilling in our waters when they see the oil slick moves through the Gulf of Mexico to the coasts of three or four countries, "he said.

New Jersey beaches during the summer packed with tourists of Greater New York are just 45 miles from the northern part of the offshore waters of Virginia. But environmental concerns must be balanced by two realities difficult are: America needs more sources of oil, and the federal government needs more revenue. License fees, which are to From U.S. $ currently drilling offshore 10000000000 $ 12000000000 in federal coffers each year - a sum that would occur if drilling extended.

As with the Obama plan offshore drilling, the administration still seems slow.
"The President's announcement was the beginning and not the end of a long process, "the White House, Robert Gibbs, Press Secretary, said that if he'll be asked if the spill would affect on the proposal of the President. "The president believes that we increase domestic production."